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GPS Gas finder.

Posted by kevinup on May 28, 2007

So I had this awesome idea the other day for a software idea. I would write it myself, but I really don’t have the capital to set it up, or the means to create or distribute it.

My idea is to write a software package that runs on a Internet enabled GPS device. Basically it would find you cheap gas. You would enter either how many minutes, or distance you wish to travel. Then it would feed off of a site like and find the cheapest gas within you input parameters. It could even filter out certain gas stations, like I only buy Shell gas (Like I won’t buy gas where I can’t pay at the pump).

Looking at cincy gas prices right now. The difference between the top and bottem price is 31 cents. If you have a 15 gallon tank that can make a difference of about $5. I figure you could sell the GPS software for $50 bucks, and it would pay for itself over time. You could even distribute a GPS device, with the software already installed for around $150. I bet anyone who is in the market for a GPS, would probably either buy this one, or at least seriously consider it. The other thing that would have to be figured out, would be how it would communicate with the internet. I would assume that you would need some kind of cell phone service that would charge a monthly fee. The pricing would have to be such that it would pay for itself every month.

If I could distribute it, I would sell it in a Kiosk in the mall. Perhaps I could get a Best Buy, or Microcenter to sell it as well.  I think that as this software would begin to penetrate the market, gas prices would go down. Or at least, there wouldn’t be huge flucuations in price. Even as I’m writing this post. I’m seeing holes in it, like what about Internet enabled cell phones? I never said it was perfect. Anyway so there it is. 


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