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Game Review : Halo 3

Posted by kevinup on October 8, 2007

So, I’ve been playing a lot of halo 3 recently, and let me say, it definitely lives up to the hype. Let just start off with some of the spit an polish.

I’m running through a bunker and there is some small blips on my motion tracker. I decide to crouch and sneak up on what ever it is, end up there are some rats. How cool is that? I smoke them with my assault rifle, and move on. I can see the game developers on this:

Project Manager: We want you to put in rats.

Developer: Why? They add no value to the overall game play, and do not contribute to the plot at all.

Project Manager: Yeah, but it will be funny to screw with people.

Developer: Why?

Project Manager: Just do it, or your fired.

Moving on:So I’m running through this jungle scene. I soldiers I’m with all scale this waterfall. Seemed pretty cool to me, so I charge the water fall and jump. Midway through my jump, I for some reason get push back to the ground. Interesting, I try a couple more times, they I realize what is going on. I’m being pushed back down by the water. Cool. Your typical game, just paints a skin on a landscape, but doesn’t apply attributes to it, like water actually pushing objects around. Talk about some polish.I’ve already beat the game on Normal myself, and a couple missions I’m picked off on Legenday and Heroic. I’m still waiting to beat it with a couple friends on Legendary, hopefully this Friday? 9:30 till ?.


One Response to “Game Review : Halo 3”

  1. Alec said

    It concerns me that you have so quickly figured out how Project Managers work.

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