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What’s on my Phone

Posted by kevinup on October 15, 2007

Jason Alexander started this meme who tagged ScottW who tagged Dave Donaldson who in turn tagged me. I’d love to see a post from Jason, to have a follow up, with maybe a summary of findings.

Now for my phone, well, I think Jason says it all:

You should only use your mobile phone as a phone. I really didn’t like using email on the phone, I hate text messages… yes, call me a grumpy old man.

Why am I so grumpy? I used to have a phone that had terrible reception. It barely functioned as a phone. I would drive from hot spot to hot spot, just to check my voice mail. My girlfriend at the time (and soon to be wife), had a phone that actually worked, what a novelty. So I went into t-mobile, and started looking at expensive phones.

Being a geek I wanted a killer phone that had instant messenger, mail, everything. It was an HP, I don’t remember the exact model, but it was something like the HP IPAQ6320. It could connect to WiFi networks, it had AIM installed. It also had a touch screen. And that was about the sum of the coolness. Every app I tried to install didn’t work. When/If I could connect to the internet, it was unbearably slow. If I was using AIM, I couldn’t use anything else. If I was talking to someone, my cheek would press the touch screen, and I would either mute, or hang up. The battery life was so bad, that it more or less couldn’t work unless it was plugged in. I finally got so fed up that I decided to get a new phone. There were enough defects that I felt that my extended warranty I’d bought would cover a new phone. And by new phone, I wanted the same price I had paid for that phone to go toward a new phone, but not the phone I had. T-mobile had other plans. They weren’t going to give me a different phone. They wanted me to pay $100 bucks to get the same refurbished POS crap phone.

Well, I ended up just buying a RAZOR. Its sleek, sexy, and gets good reception. I can text message. I can’t check my email. I can download games. I do get great reception, and my battery last 3 days. So whats on my phone?

3)MP3 player

Lets tag Mitch, James Avery, Michael Eaton, Mike Wood, and Jayme Davis


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