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the dumbing down of javascript

Posted by kevinup on December 9, 2007

I’ve recently started an internal project that is written primarily in JavaScript. It based off of an existing framework, and we’re just adding some features. The original framework’s JavaScript is like nothing I’ve ever seen in JavaScript. It is simple, fast, easy to use, and seems to work in both IE and firefox. (Perhaps more on that in a future post.)Which bring me back to the reason of my post. I think that most developers try to avoid JavaScript at all times. I would guess that your typical web developer turns off ‘Display a notification about every error’. Case in point every time I log in to 53’s website over the past ~12 months I get a JavaScript error. JavaScript is quickly becoming a forgotten language.My web background comes from writing apps in ASP, PHP with JavaScript enhancing usability. So it is frustrating for me that that today’s developers are getting dumber down by using, and not realizing that it’s writing out the JavaScript for them. I had one interview candidate answer the question ‘What is AJAX’ with ‘It was what Microsoft built because people didn’t like using JavaScript.’ – LOLI’m not sure what the answer is, I think I’m going to try and come up with some simple interview questions to weed out the chaff. Until then, brush up on your JavaScript.


One Response to “the dumbing down of javascript”

  1. Mitch said

    JavaScript is a powerful and elegant language when used correctly. YAHOO! YUI and extjs are two excellent js frameworks to look at.

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