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Posted by kevinup on February 11, 2008

All has been quiet on the blogging front. I haven’t really been keeping up on my google reader either, 1039 un-read, ouch.

Whats up with me recently.

I got back from Oregon recently where I got to see my brother who just moved out there. My 11 month old, Julia, had her first plane trip and she did really well. She’s just started walking, so I was expecting her to want to walk the entire time, but she managed to be content sitting on laps most of the time and smirking at strangers the rest of the time.

I did a little skiing while I was out there with my brother and it was pretty fun. The last time I went skiing, I managed to dislocate my shoulder, so my goal was to not do that again. They had insane amount of powder out there. Apparently they’ve gotten more snow in a short amount of time than they’ve had in decades. It was more-or-less constant snow at our condo. While skiing on three occasions I sank into soft snow up to my waste.

When we got back, Julia was in the depth of having the flu. We called the doctor and asked if we should bring her in, apparently all of Cincinnati is infected right now, so they suggested riding it out. By the next day I had it, and so did my wife. The next day my Mom had it and both my in-laws.


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