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warning labels

Posted by kevinup on March 1, 2008

There should be a warning label on all laptops: Do not hold between thumb and index finger while walking across slate floor.

Yeah, I dropped my laptop earlier this week… while it was on… while moving it in my kitchen… that has a slate floor… and now it can’t boot…

I took it to my IT guy and he’s informed me that the hard drive is dead. The theory is that the HD was being written to when it hit the floor, and it scratched it pretty bad. He got some stuff off it, but I’m still going to miss a lot of data. Like it takes me a month to configure my laptop exactly how I like it. I probably have 50+ apps written for various things like writting and testing regular expressions, diffing ncover files, reformatting SQL, or pulling my Halo3 stats… its all gone…

I’ve never been a ‘back-up’ person, but now I’m going to have to start. Or at least I think I’ll start keeping my files on an external USB drive.


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