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Case of the Mondays

Posted by kevinup on September 19, 2008

We, as well as most of Cincinnati, were plunged into darkness Sunday when remnants of Hurricane Ike blew through. On Monday power was still out at home. Carrie Julia and I decided to head out to Old Spaghetti Factory. On the way back we managed to get within 2 lights of our house uneventfully.

At the second to last light we were turning left. The light was totally out, and everyone was treating it like a 4 way stop. Or maybe I should say almost everyone treated it that way.

When our turn came, I was careful to make sure everyone had stopped and I committed to my turn. In mid-turn I looked right out the passenger side to see a car about ten yards away and flying towards us. I had zero time to react. The thought that crossed my mind was ‘Why didn’t she stop?’. I tried to use my non-existent telekinetic powers to slow down her car and move us out of the way to no avail.

When the car blasted into us, Carrie, who was in the back seat with my daughter, screamed at me “KEVIN” in a tone I’d never heard before. It wasn’t a ‘Kevin please help me with dinner’ tone. It was a “Kevin, are you aware that there is a car slamming into us?” I hope to never hear that tone again. Hopefully I’ll just be helping out with dinner from now on.

After the car blasted into us, it seemed like she just kept coming. She got up under us, and I could feel that side of the car lift into the air. I braced my arms against the roof of the car as we began to roll.  After we were rotated 90 degrees, the driver side window shattered. I felt like the window behind me shattered, but later I found out it was still intact. We started to roll more, but didn’t make the complete rotation to get upside down. We rolled back and settled with the driver’s side resting on the ground. My next thought was “Wow, the car engine seems to be really loud.” I realized that the engine was still on, and my foot was still hitting the gas. I took my foot off and turned the car off. Simultaneously Carrie was in the back saying ‘Oh my God’ over and over again.

It seemed like an eternity before I heard Julia start to cry in the back. In a way I was somewhat relieved to hear her, but we were still sitting on our side in what seemed to me a pretty serious crash. Some people outside the car had come up and were asking if we were okay. My wife and I pretty much ignored answering that question directly. I think I screamed “Call 911!”, and my wife screamed that we had a baby. Time was going very slow, but I think I was probably getting hit with a bunch of adrenaline at the time.

I unbuckled my seat belt and stood up on the side of our car. I reached back to try and get Julia’s car seat out. Her seat was in the middle of the back, and my wife was in the passenger side in the back. Someone had managed to open the back door on our Rav4 and was encouraging us to come out that way. I took out the headrest to the seat behind me to make room to get out. Someone on the outside suggested we unbuckle Julia and pass her out to which Carrie and I replied “No, she’s staying in the seat until a doctor can see her.

Carrie, who was suspended in the air, couldn’t get her seat belt undone. I reached up and slid my hand to Carrie’s buckle to release her. She slid past Julia seat’s seat and then got out the back. I got to work then trying to release Julia’s seat. The whole time Julia is not happy. She a good cross between terrified, pissed off and potentially in pain. I kept telling Julia that we were going to be okay. I got her car seat unlatched, at which point someone had pried open the door above us. I lifted Julia, who was still in the car seat, up to the guy reaching down at us. I tell him one more time to keep her in the seat. After Julia was out I scrambled out the back. I found Julia still in her seat crying, and Carrie sitting in front of her trying to soothe her.

Everyone seemed to be out of their cars asking if we were okay. I guess with the sight of our 2004 Rav4 on the side it was hard to fathom that my wife, daughter and I were inside just moments ago. The EMTs seemed like they were there within 60 seconds.

I told the first police officer I saw that we were leaving to take my daughter to the hospital. He took a quick statement from me, gave his card, and asked where I wanted the car towed to, which was kind of funny because that was the least of my worries. I asked if he could figure it out, and he said he would. I jumped into the ambulance, and we were off. The whole thing seemed like it lasted less than 10 minutes.

So yeah, I think I had a case of the Mondays…. 🙂

The doctor at the ER checked Julia out and gave her a tentative all clear but suggested we follow up with her pediatrician. The pediatrician gave Julia the all clear as well. She ended up with one scratch on her stomach and bruises around her legs, but she seems to be back to 100% with her walking, talking and personality.

I took Carrie to urgent care the day after the accident because she was having head pain. The doctor there said we should go straight to the ER and get a cat scan to rule out a brain injury which we did. We were at the ER for 6.5 hours. The CT was negative, which was good. The doctor diagnosed her with a concussion and gave her some meds to help with the headaches. She also ended up with bruises on her legs.

I just ended up with some sore muscles, so I’ll live. I’ll try and post some pictures, and some more information in a follow up post.


3 Responses to “Case of the Mondays”

  1. What a story. I’m glad that you all escaped relatively unharmed. I witnessed a truck driving straight through a light that was out earlier this week. Luckily, there was no accident in that case, but I’m sure it’s happened many times over the week.

  2. Scott Hand said

    Seriously frightening!
    I’m glad you’re all doing well. I’m sorry about the car (same one Kelly used to have); I hope the police were able to sort out the insurance information for you to get driving again.

  3. […] Posted by kevinup on October 9, 2008 thought I’d follow up briefly to my Case of the Mondays post. […]

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