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Follow up : Case of the Mondays

Posted by kevinup on October 9, 2008

thought I’d follow up briefly to my Case of the Mondays post.

I’ve got some other pics which I might add to Picasa later, but this is probably the best one. The cop said the damage didn’t look so bad, once they put the car right side up. He thought a lot of energy was expended lifting our car up and turning it during the collision. The crater in our car was probably 20 inches at the deepest part. Part of the other drivers license plate was embedded in the crater as well.

The other driver was sited for ‘Failure to Yield’. When the cop was taking her statement she insisted that she had come to a full stop before accelerating again. The cop tried to explain to her that it was impossible to be at a full stop accelerate 20 feet, collide with another car and flip it. Some people are just stupid, ignorant or both. He estimated that her 2003 Impala was going at least 45 MPH, and due to the lack of skid marks, he felt she didn’t even try to stop.

After looking through the court records online, I found she had to pay a fine of $80 dollars. Eighty freaking dollars! Are you freaking serious!??. She could have killed the three of us. She had a Indiana license. I thought initially that she was from out of town and unfamiliar with the area. . But through the court records I found that she lives less than a half mile from our house. Give her no excuse for her reckless driving.

Of course she was unemployed and uninsured, so our insurance is covering our medical expenses, and car replacement. State Farm has been really good to us, so I’m probably a customer for life now. State farm is planning on going after her for the money its cost them so far, I estimate its probably almost 20k. I doubt they’ll get anything. One state farm rep suggested that they could help us sue her for ‘pain and suffering’. I think I’m just happy that we’re all ok, so we’re going to pass on that.

We bought a new Rav42008 last weekend. So in my mind we’ve been made as close to whole as possible.


5 Responses to “Follow up : Case of the Mondays”

  1. Dave D. said

    Wow, $80. That’s just sad. I wonder why she wasn’t cited for not carrying insurance?

  2. kevinup said

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing.

  3. Scott Hand said

    I’m glad you and the family are well. Is the new car nice?
    The $80 fee is ridiculous, but I also found this:
    “If you are not able to prove proof of insurance or financial responsibility coverage during a traffic stop, any time you are given a citation, during vehicle inspection stops, during traffic court appearances or random checks by the Ohio Bureau Of Motor Vehicles via random mailings to 5% of the populace that drives every year, you may lose your license for 90 days, lose your license plates and registration, have to pay a reinstatement fee from $75-$500 depending on the number of offenses, be required to carry special insurance ( known as high risk insurance) for a period of three to five years, and possibly face having your vehicle impounded or sold, and having your Ohio drivers license suspended.”

  4. kevinup said

    You seem to be well versed on the un-insured law. Anything that I don’t know about scott? :p

    Those penalties sound a lot more severe. I’ve been thinking of emailing the cop, and asking him if I’m missing something. I’m not sure if her having a out-of-state drivers license would make a difference.

  5. Scott Hand said

    No, I’m all covered. Just reading about the $80 fine pissed me off enough to do the research, though.
    I’m not sure how the out-of-state license comes into play. I’m fairly certain that it shouldn’t affect things at all, since driving in a specific state is essentially agreeing to obey that state’s laws and face their penalties. (I did get a speeding ticket in Idaho last year.)

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