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CodeMash 2009 Followup

Posted by kevinup on January 15, 2009

CodeMash is over. I should probably say something about it before the events are stale and forgotten.

For me, I started attending topics pertaining to .Net and Agile. They were all okay nothing great. It was suggested to me by James that I should attend an Erlang session. I was skeptical at first, so I sat near the door so I could bail once it got boring. It was awesome. I was fascinated by the language, especially because it seemed to be built for performance and multi-threading; something that I have a sweet spot for. The lesson learned here is: Try to look at the sessions as a buffet, and try and get a wide variety of everything, don’t just stick with the stuff you do 9-5.

I didn’t checkout the open spaces till I missed a bunch of good ones. I did attend a good session on getting started on speaking, which is something that I’d like to start doing in 2009. Here a picture of my back during the open space, I’m wearing the green shirt on the left 🙂

Carrie and Julia really enjoyed the water park. It was nice that CodeMash provided a Cabana for the CodeMash families. Julia dragged me into the tree house one night which was pretty freaking awesome.

I’ll definitely have to get up there next year.


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